About Us

Our Beginnings

Harris-Dales Stables was established in 2012 on the historic property of Harris-Dale, located at the base of the Adirondack mountains in upstate New York. 

The original estate, established in the late 1800s, encompassed much of the valley. Harris-Dale, literally meaning "Harris Valley", remained a prominent operation for well over 150 years. The farm changed hands a few times in the 1980s before falling into disrepair. 

The farm was purchased as a major renovation project by the Fischer family in 1995. The family began renovating the then-vacant property and barns and operated as a gentleman's farm until 2011. The Stables operation, opened by their eldest daughter, Stefanie Fischer, began renovations on the the historic 17 stall barn on the property and opened as a small, private hunter/jumper training facility in spring of 2012. 

Over the next several years, Harris-Dale Stables came to specialize in the retraining of OTTBs. Within a couple of years, their mounts and riders were competing across the Northeast and Mid Atlantic at prominent competitions like Skidmore, HITS, and MAEF. 

In late fall 2015, Stefanie closed the Stable operations at Harris-Dale and moved to Rhode Island. The Fischer family soon sold the New York farm property and retired to Connecticut. 

In 2017, Stefanie began a very small hunter/jumper training program in Rhode Island, offering only a few slots per week. In fall of 2018, the program had grown enough that Stefanie moved her program to Phoenix Rising Equestrian Center in North Smithfield, Rhode Island, where she also organized and hosted events as the facility's event coordinator. 

In June of 2019, Harris-Dale Stables relocated to Spring Garden Farm in Rehoboth, MA. Spring Garden Farm is a meticulously-maintained training and sale facility owned by Kerri Arruda, owner of International Equine Imports. There, Stefanie will be leasing the facilities and will continue to run a select, private hunter/jumper training and lesson program, still under the historic name of Harris-Dale. 

Our Program

Harris Dale is proud to offer a limited number of stalls for full service boarding packages. All packages include either lessons or a combination of lessons and training services. We strongly believe in designing individualized training programs to achieve optimal results for both the horse and the rider. All programs have a strong focus on cross training, fitness, and foundations. More information can be found on our "Services" page. 

For riders looking to progress their skills in a training and competition-based setting, we offer a small number of lesson slots for the intermediate/advanced rider and we are happy to assist riders in finding an appropriate lease horse within our program, whether an HDS or client-owned mount.  Lease to own options may be available. More information can be found on our "Sale/Lease" page. 

Our show schedule includes a select number of local and regional schooling and rated shows, including Mystic Valley, Westbrook Hunt, Folly Farm, Fieldstone, and HITS Saugerties. More information about our competition schedule can be found on our "Events" page. 

Our Commitment

Harris Dale is proud to offer specialized training regimens and competition-oriented hunter/jumper lessons. Additionally, we offer services to assist in behavior modification and rehabilitation. 

We strive to produce riders and horses of exceptional quality by focusing on classical foundations, correct bio-mechanics, and strong skill sets that can be applied to multiple mounts throughout a rider's career. 

Clients are given exclusive access to our "Client Portal" where we post materials weekly that we believe will increase our rider's eduction and provide strong support to the riders' lessons. In this way, we hope to created educated horsemen who have the ability to become strong and knowledegable riders and competitors. 

Our lesson program focuses largely on correct foundations and we believe that correct biomechanics and correct rider form are paramount. We require the utmost attention and drive from our riders. We will never prioritize quick progression over correct foundations. We take pride in our riders' ability and competence. And we aim to train our mounts with the same attention to focus, foundations, and confidence. 

Book a trial lesson or audit today to see why we believe so strongly in our program. And see what an individualized training program with HDS can do for you.