On-Site Training Services

We believe in providing a full-service and all inclusive boarding and training program.  For an accurate understanding of all services included in each package, please see the details in the "Boarding" section below and/or request to receive a copy of our boarding contact.

Horses receive full-day, grass turnout, weather permitting. Private and semi-private turnouts available. 

 Stalls are bedded and heavily maintained with dust-free, pine pelletized bedding. 

Hay is fed three to four times daily; horses are alloted up to 2/3 a bale (approximately 35-30 pounds) of premim hay per day.  

Grain is fed twice daily; horses are allotted up to 8 quarts of Sentinel feed (Sentinel LS or Sentinel Senior) as well as up two 2 quarts of soaked alfalfa pellets per day. Feeding of any pre-portioned supplements and medications (owner-provided) is included. 

We have a limited number of stalls available. Please inquire directly at (315) 725-6061 for availability.