On-Site Training Services

We believe in providing a full-service and all inclusive boarding and training program.  For an accurate understanding of all services included in each package, please see the details in the "Boarding" section below and/or request to receive a copy of our boarding contact.

Horses receive full-day, grass turnout, weather permitting. Private and semi-private turnouts available. 

 Stalls are bedded and heavily maintained with dust-free, pine pelletized bedding.  Horses have individual stall fans. 

Hay is fed three to four times daily (twice daily when on grass turnout); horses are allotted up to 2/3 a bale (approximately 35-30 pounds) of premium hay per day.  

Grain is fed twice daily; horses are allotted up to 8 quarts of Sentinel feed (Sentinel LS or Sentinel Senior) as well as up two 2 quarts of soaked alfalfa pellets per day. Feeding of any pre-portioned supplements and medications (owner-provided) is included. Naturally-sourced Himalayan salt blocks in each stall provided. 

All basic grooming products (fly spray, bathing products, tack cleaning and conditioning products, liniment, hoof and coat conditioners, and basic first aid supplies) are stocked weekly and are available for client use at no additional charge. We work diligently to select the best products available for you and your horse. 

We have a limited number of stalls available. Please inquire directly at (315) 725-6061 for availability.